Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Sex Kitten's Clever Strategy

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(not that hot, LOL.) 
Once upon a time, I was a sex kitten 'n then I grew up (wink).

When I was a little kitten there was a day I needed a new coat so I thought of this strategy. (It was not long after I had gone up to university, 'n for the first time I was having to manage my money myself.)

Y'know my dad is bonkers, LOL. He is totally clueless about money and likes to throw it about a lot, but at this time I think he thought it would be good for me if he complained whenever I needed money and made me live on baked beans like the other students. 'Cept that the university where I was going there was nearly nobody living on baked beans, everyone was like, "will that be champagne or cocktails at your party?"

From Cute n Tiny
Well, it is very boring to have to listen to lectures on your extravagance when it is snowing and your little kitten nose is cold, so I cruised the coats and then I rang my dad. I said: "Oh daddy. I am so cold and need a new coat. I have found a beautiful coat and it is £150 and I have found another coat which is just perfect and it is £30." (This was a long time ago, BTW, coats are not so reasonable nowadays! and nor am I - wink.) My daddy said: "Get that perfect coat you want IMMEDIATELY!"

I find it helps to focus the mind of the payee when they are comparing the thing you want with something a great deal more expensive and not as nice anyway, la la la (wink).

(They do this in public services supply chain management too, 'n then they call it 'value for money'.)

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