Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pix of Pussies in Bed

Warning: seriously major cuteness alert. MILF sirens are go. This is not a drill. 

This thing came with the Whore, honest. I should've realised her previous owner was a lying no-good slag as soon as I laid eyes on the load of tat that was poor Lakhi's dowry.

OK, it's the truth. I did pay a substantial sum so poor Lakhi could have a sensible bed of her own. A sturdy bed which offers good support for your back is v. important to a laydee y'know (wink). 

I call this composition: cats, beds and socks. (Yah, those are Piglet's school socks I was rushing to get dry in the morning so she would have something in which to clad her tiny trotters.) 

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