Friday, 6 September 2013

Sickeningly Sweet Kitten Pix

The kitten has been helping out around the house. (She's not as good as the cubs. Doesn't have the buns to shake.) 

Here she is with Lakhi - as I type, they are running round the house after each other, leaping over the armchairs and bosting each other about in a manner which is pretty impressive for a cat who was recently operated on. 

Oh, which saucepan would be best? Mrrreouw - the milk pan of course. 

Hey, get off my apron strings!  

The kitten also helps out with my marking. "Ya-awn! Aw, just give them all Distinctions. Zzzzz." 

Awww, you are the cutest little pussy in the world! Are you the cutest pussy in the world? I am just going to run my fingers over your fuzzy soft pussy hair and play with you and stroke you till you purr (wink). 

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