Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lacklustre Lakhi

Pic © Piglet
Lakhi was poorly yesterday. I was surprised when she didn't appear at the bottom of the stairs as soon as I got up. The kitten came running for breakfast but not her. 

Then Lakhi was sick in the laundry area. 

She didn't even want to have any kitten milk! I was worried. In my house, going off your food is seriously time to snuggle up in bed and have a big cutch (that's Welsh for cuddles, dahlink), I will bring you cool drinks 'n tempting snax 'n let you play with whatever you like (wink). The kitten appeared to be fine. Lakhi went out in the garden and mooched about; I was concerned about her out there so I would call her in. Yah yah, she comes running if she only hears the tinkle of the fork on the glass jug in which I make the kitten milk. Sometimes she comes to check things out if I am only stirring the sugar into my cup of tea. 

(She does not look right, does she? Here she is recuperating on my Cornish tartan skirt I left there intending to mend it. No, I have not done it yet, LOL. I have been sewing the last badge on the cub scout top - until the next batch come in , and the name tags inside the karate gi.) 

(And here is the kitten snoozling in the cats' favourite armchair. Yup, the one I was planning to throw out but I had to keep it for them 

Yah yah, she is there. See that lump in the quilt? She is snugged under there, all cosy.) 

Lakhi started coming in for kitten milk and later ate some chicken so I thought she was prolly getting better and did not rush down to the handsome vet's (wink). 

Last thing at night, at the very moment when I was emailing a friend anxiously to say Lakhi seemed to be OK after all, she brought in a little frog in order to teach Eowyn good hunting skills. :Eeeeek!: :Eeeeek!: :Eeeeek!: Urrrgh, yuckity yuck! I threw it right out the back door - ugh. 

What a good mother. 

(Ugh, yuck.) 

Much better now, both feeding well. 

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