Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Catalian Job

I acksherly was hoping to
throw out that chair and
make some space before
the cats adopted it, grrr. 
OK, major military exercise in hand. The Whore of Catylon is going in for her Operation today. 

This means she has been allowed NO food since 8 pm last night. You can only imagine the tortures experienced by a Noodle Mom forbidden to feed some hungry being. "It is for your own good! (sniff)" 

Our new kitten is going in too, to be immunised. They get on very nicely together. When there were four rambunctious kittens, Lakhi often lay about at a higher level watching them in a weary way. Now there is just the one, she has remembered she is a young feisty feline and she hides behind the armchairs then leaps out on Eowyn, who springs up in the air with all her fluffy kitten fur standing up on end. 

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