Thursday, 19 September 2013

How to Comment Like an Anonymouse

Anonymice making a song and dance
about things on Whatsit Galore.
I'm v. excited about this, chums. As you know, HP has been v. kind and helpful to me in regards to the wishy washy wiper water bottle and suchlike. However he is having trouble posting comments on here. Well, that is not good cuz HP is a friend indeed and I would like to see his li'l cheeky face popping in now and then. So I am delighted to write a post just for him, to tell him how to comment like an Anonymouse.

On the writers' board people sometimes have a grumble about Anonymice who come on their stories and write the literary critic's equivalent of: "You stink and your mother is a naughty lady." Personally, I write romance, so I have a rather different kind of Anonymice (you can read about them here). Anyway, I totally welcome HP commenting here under the cloak of anonymity so here is how to do it.

Go to the Comments. Yah, yah, that white box at the bottom which says in it: Enter your comment ... Underneath is a thing that says: Comment as. 'N if you are a Google boogie baby, your name will prolly appear in there as the automatic commenting persona. Click on the li'l arrow by the side and a string of alternatives will appear, among which is Anonymous. Click on that.

Now enter your comment, and you can make a li'l note at the top to identify yourself as HP or the Queen of Tarts or whoever. 'Cept you must not say you are HP if you are not HP cuz that would be confusing and identity theft and wrong.

When you go to Preview or Publish your comment, a box will appear telling you to enter two words: one being a piccie (not of anything exciting, get over yourself! it will be two or three numbers) and one being letters all over the place in a manner which will make you wonder if you ought to have scoffled that li'l blue tablet you found in the drawer after all. That is so that we all know you are you and not a computer programme in Taiwan trying to post a message telling us all to buy something we do not want to buy which is no use to man nor beast and certainly not to MILFs. You can click on the speaker icon if you like and hear the numbers and word. You just type the letters and numbers out into the box to say: A OK, I am a real honest to God human being, and you can click Publish and then your comment should appear like magic!

See, here is a comment I posted as an Anonymouse on my own blog earlier. You can tell it is not me cuz there is no piccie of my writing desk with chocolates by the side. 'N you can tell it is me cuz I have said so in a li'l note at the top.

(Yah, that is seriously what I write the smut on, LOL, I write it all out in longhand and then type it up. Sorry, no, those chocolates are long gone, dahlink. They were Godiva, very nomm-y.)


  1. When I commented on your Wishy-Washy saga, I didn't want to be anonymous because you know who I am.

    All I did was go to the box marked 'Comment As', hit the scroll down arrow and use Name/URL. I didn't have to put in a URL but oggbashan appears on the post.

    HP could do that too. Or he could post as Anonymous and put his name in the text. Like this:

    Love and hugs from oggbashan...

    1. Gosh, I didn't know you could do that too.

      Love 'n hugs back!


  2. Don't mind me, I'm testing. -John

    1. I never mind you popping in, sweet thing.