Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Latest on the Litter Prevention Programme

Whore and Child. (Oh, and laundry.) 
Yes, it's all fine! Lakhi has recovered well from her operation. She is being good and not chewing her stitches so she doesn't need to wear one of those unattractive plastic hood things.

The vet says she will probably eat more now. She was always a skinny malink - catwalk model type as it were (wink). So it will be good if she puts on a bit of weight.

Awww, she quite lost her appetite after coming home! Look at that, she and the kitten are neither of them interested in their supper - not even in the kitten milk! Gasp. Up till now, Lakhi has acted like a total welfare queen around the white powders, attempting to jump up on the counter and snort it up while I mix up the kitten milk, pushing her offspring aside in order to get to it.

Well, nothing melts the heart of a MILF more than a creature with no appetite. I mean, I don't consider anyone in my house really ill unless they are off their food - and then it is dial 999 ambulance time.

The kitten was quite sad without Momma Cat. She hid under the sofa and trembled. I had to spend a long time playing with her, I mean offering essential cat therapy while simultaneously cleaning poo off the stair carpet (<snerk>) and doing a li'l last minute crisis management with the lovely students. (:heart: the lovely students.)

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