Friday, 13 September 2013

Even More Sickeningly Sweet Pix

Just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter.  

I swear, that thing came with Lakhi, I never bought it. I should've had my suspicions about that slag who gave us Lakhi with the assurance that she was spayed and immunised the minute I laid eyes on the strawberry bed with the little hot water bottle in it . Another giveaway was that poor Lakhi had all this tat but no pet carrier, so I ought to have been asking: "How did they get her to the vet?" along with: "Where is the certificate for her supposed immunisation?" Yah, yah! I did ask that, unfortunately after the Whore of Catylon was firmly established in the family home and hearts instead of before 

Eowyn the teeny tiny woman warrior (you should see her with that catnip mouse toy! OK, I will try to post a video if TXRad promises not to be sick) started to climb into the pet carrier and snug up in there. So I brought out the strawberry bed from the place in which I'd hidden it. I shall have to pretend Piglet did it. 

Well, I am a li'l bit proud of my kitty cats, acksherly. In spite of her dubious early home life, Lakhi is a very nice cat. Especially now she has the kitten to scram so she does not try to train Piglet to fight like a woman warrior by leaping on her unexpectedly as Piglet goes up the stairs to bed. 

One time I went out for the night and I carefully cleaned the cat litter tray before I left ... but when I was halfway down my first glass of wine, I suddenly 'membered I had not put kitty litter in the tray! I was like :eeek: and resigned myself to putting anything Lakhi had wee-ed on into the washing machine. I figured it would at least give the cubs some exercise shaking their buns while they hung it out. When I got home Lakhi had done her wee in the tray even though there was no litter in it! Can you imagine how proud I was! How much I petted my li'l pussy (wink). 

'N just now as I blog, I am having a li'l mop round the place. I had washed the tray 'n put it outside 'n Eowyn started crying. Well, I was a bit surprised cuz the sweet things are stuffed to the gills for food 'n treaties (it being my great fear in life that something will starve to death on my watch). Being an exceedingly clever MILF, I brought the litter tray back in and do you know, that incredibly clever kitten got in it and did the wee there although again, there was no litter yet! What a well brought up kitty. I could almost forgive Lakhi that frog she brought in (yuck euurgh! yuck). 

Hey, I just washed that floor! 

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