Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pussies Galore

This post is for Anna Nimas and for damppanties. Go on, dampy, you know you want a kitten! Say the word and I will pop one in a box and post it to you, LOL. 

Acksherly the kittens prolly all have homes, apart from the little black runty one. I have no fears for her, there is bound to be some silly MILF whose heart is melted by her being the runt, struggling bravely at the beginning of her little life - besides that she promises to grow into a slinky little black thing just like Momma Cat.

Phoenix Mum came round to catch up (and tell me the latest stupid crazy mean thing her ex husband is trying to do to her without apparently noticing how much it is harming his own daughter - stupid nobrain), She says we have three bruiser boys: the two tabbies and the bigger black kitten, and a little lady kitten. 

I have meanly played on the Swiss Army wife's weakest point by photographing one of her piglets with a tabby kitten in his adoring hands. Piglet is keen to keep one of the tabby kittens and although I am saying: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps at the moment, we all know what that's going to lead to. If we do keep a tabby then we can call it Tiglath Pileser (2 Kings 16:7 And Ahaz sent messengers to Tiglath-Pileser king of Assyria, saying, I am thy servant and thy son: come up, and save me out of the hand of the king of Syria, and out of the hand of the king of Israel, who have risen up against me.)  I just want to make sure the little runty black kitten gets a good home or I will keep it ourselves ... Wha-at! no I am not a softy silly melty-heart MILF, I'm just being practical here, I don't want to see the runty one returned on the grounds that it's a new season and ginger is the new black or something. 

Little black kitten is doing well and although she is still half the size of her brothers, she is putting on weight @ between 10 and 20 grams per day - which a quick google of Kitten Growth Charts suggests is good progress. All the kittens have now opened their eyes. When they are not feeding, they still spend their time curled up together sleeping in the cupboard by the cooker. I have found this helpful kitten development advice site, and I am relieved to read that it is perfectly normal for them to just lie about sleeping all day at the moment. Gah, this is worse than when I had Piglet! at least then I could do it all brilliantly myself, rather than admonishing some silly young cat not to neglect her babies in favour of playing with frogs (it will take a lot more than a kiss, dahlink). 

From Going Places
My friend Even More Right On Dad (he who instituted the calling of the road traffic signal the 'green walker' instead of 'green man'), has eagerly offered use of a kitten playpen which he bought when his family got two kittens. (Unluckily this happened just before I found out about Lakhi's 'interesting' condition.) I thought at the time that it might not get much use, and indeed it took their kittens only a week to find out how to climb out of it. I am jolly glad of it for myself as it will just get our kittens through till I can boot them out to seek their fortunes in the cru-uel world (not for them, LOL: life of luxury, cuddles and special cat food awaits these privileged fur balls). 

Mamma Cat slinks frequently off to lie and sunbathe in the garden, occasionally leaping up and attacking the outraged and squealing Piglet - whom she seems to regard as an older kitten in need of lessons on self defence. 

Well,, it didn't take long for her to get her figure back!
Go AWAY all you naughty boy cats. 


  1. You are so mean. I CANNOT have a kitten. I absolutely cannot. I will somehow manage to kill it and then the death of a kitten will be on you. Would you want that? Would you?!

    1. LOL, you know I am a tease . You can enjoy the virtual kittens on here. We will share Tiglath Pileser with you, posting his adventures as Lakhi and I bring him up to be the Terror of the Seven Duck Ponds.

  2. Aww, they're starting to get big. When is mamma kitty's appointment so you can breathe easier for once. I'm really enjoying reading these updates.

    1. Gosh that is the big date for our summer. It's in huge letters on the calendar - a week after the kittens go off to their new homes to be spoilt rotten for the rest of their lives. I'm going to open a bottle of bloody champagne (well ... a cava at least, LOL) if we can make it to that date without any of the boy cats sniffing round managing to lure my poor little innocent kitty cat into their evil paws again.

  3. Aww I would really love to have one and being a sucker for the underdog (or underkitty in this case) I would happily take the little runt but I'm really not allowed to :(