Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Kitten update

'Kay y'all! I am just popping in after an ... interesting trip to London (<snerk>) to give you a bit of good news. 

The little black kitten is putting on weight, so I think it will be fine. It started out at about 70 grams. Put on 25 grams while I was away. Yesterday it was coming in at 130 grams and today has gone up to 140 grams. 

The others are too fat for me to bother weighing them, LOL. 

Yah, that is a set of Conran scales with pebble weights. If anyone has a spare 5 gram weight, gimme a shout as that teeny tiny one disappeared some time during the period I moved house four times in like two years  (with a baby tucked under my arm and my books carefully packed in boxes). 


  1. Aww that's great! I would love to give that little baby a home. I just need to convince His Lordship, which is proving to be a little difficult! :( xx

  2. I will bombard you with kitten pix! There will be more pussy than anyone knows what to do with ;) xxx