Thursday, 25 July 2013

Out of the Closet

Well the time has come for the kittens to move out of the cupboard by the cooker. (This is their new home in the kitten playpen. The kitten playpen is by the window and this gives them a snug dark area in which to sleep.) 

No, they did not have to move because I was worried I would trip over Lakhi while I was cooking, I am used to stepping over comatose creatures while I rustle up a restorative fry-up, my dear. It was just that the kittens were starting to crawl out of the banana box in which they had spent most of their little lives - and there is a kitten sized hole down the back of this cupboard. While I am keen to rip these cupboards out and replace them, I am not so keen to tear them down in search of kittens without the funds to replace them after having to pay out large sums of unanticipated cash for vet's bills and the like. 

We put a couple of chairs so Lakhi can easily jump in and out. No, really, we do not spend hours sitting there kitten-watching! 

Brothers in arms. 

Just in time. Lakhi encourages the kittens to clamber out of the banana box by getting in and teasing them with the offer of milk then going to lie down outside. She helps them out by putting a paw round their heads and pulling, or biting at their ears to get them to come along.(LOL, I wish I could do that to Piglet sometimes.) 

The two tabbies have a little play fight: 

We went to the vet this morning and he said the black kitten's eyes look fine! so he can no longer be called Captain. I was glad really, I felt guilty. Although it is not easy to spot a problem with the tiny eyes of a black kitten in a dark cupboard! Mind you, I was quite enjoying scrolling through pirate pix in search of a really good name for him. Mmm, fetching boots .... 

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