Friday, 12 July 2013

Let us bake cake.

Sometimes it all gets so Stepford that the only thing to do is pull out the Empire red Kitchenaid cakemixer and go all Marie Antoinette for an hour or so. (These are for the cub scout jumble sale.) 

Hey, what's that empty catfood box doing just lying around there? Pick it up, sweetums, and put it in the recycling before someone trips on it. 

I bought the Kitchenaid because Piglet loves to bake cakes. However she really prefers to get her hands in and rub the butter in herself - and in fact even the sugar and egg . When she says she is going to do this, I start off saying: "No no, you cannot be doing that. What a mess, yuck yuck." Then I think 'Why the F not? Why am I being so precious.' And I say, "Go for it." 

Best butter, dahlink (wink) - of course! 

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