Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mommy Mom Monday

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Phoenix Mum and her piglet, friend of Piglet, came round for a barbecue on Sunday. Piglet and her fellow piglet did scientific experiments. Piglet had frozen some Sprite and they discovered that it froths all over the floor when it defrosts! and that if you track through the sticky Sprite patches from the garden, they go really dirty and black! and then Mom has to clean the floor while the family are all tootling round so it gets immediately dirty again!

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You get the pic -  there was lots of cleaning and as I have not been on the board for a bit, no cubs to help out while only wearing jeans. Gah.

I took Piglet and my nephew to the shops. My nephew hates crowds and pushing and shoving so the fact that he was dead keen to go to the city centre shows you how totally far out ama-azing the shopping is where I live. Unfortunately the price of the super duper Jaegar number which I absolutely don't need had not sunk any lower in the sales so we just looked at it and went away to do Piglet and nephew shopping. We had lunch in McDonalds <snerk>. I took pix with carefully placed logo-ed french fry packs to annoy my dizzy sister cuz she has sent the nephew with only 3 t-shirts and 4 pairs of pants, duh! What does she think my house is, a laundry ? (Hey, just move that bag of ironing to the side, don't kick it.) 

Then we all went down to the vet's with the kitten with the poorly eye. I had not realised how much the kittens had grown until I tried to squash the four of them and Momma Cat into one pet carrier. I mean the last time I did it, they all fitted in fine, and then there were five of them.... Um. No, it is a windy day again, and it's probably my hay fever. I do not need a tissue. Well, not the whole box (sniff).

The vet coped remarkably well with a surgery full of cat, kittens, Piglet and my nephew - even when Piglet started interrupting in a shocking fashion, leading to nose-smacking later in the waiting room. What the vet was trying to say was that someone has come in asking if they know of a kitten, Piglet was saying: No no, I want to keep a kitten, and I was saying, Shut up, I said Perhaps perhaps perhaps, cuz of course a home for a kitten recommended by the vet's is top dollar and I will jump to secure it.

Mmm fetching
string vest ...
Yah, yah, I know one kitten will have to stay, LOL. Now we just have to figure out which one! cuz there is the little runty black one, although TBH I think she will have a lot of appeal with a certain kind of silly MILF (not like me, I already have one slinky little black thing causing trouble in my life, I have learnt my lesson - what is that? poorly tortoise with just three legs? Oh well, could live in the garden very comfortably no trouble I'm sure.) And anyway, now there is the possibility of a one-eyed black bruiser. He would have to be called Captain, wouldn't he? Er, not that I will contemplate keeping it but if it is left on my hands ... Hmmm, grumble grumble.

The vet says there are two boys and two girls, one of each: black and tabby. Everyone apart from Captain is fine - and he is fine apart from the eyes. When I have to lift him out to squish antiobiotic cream in his eyes, he struggles like anything and sticks his tiny claws into me and once he bit me - I was so pleased to realise his teeth are coming through OK, I can hardly say the words. Lakhi seems to realise I'm not trying to hurt him. She comes and pokes around when he squeals his head off (like a piglet who is pretending it has got stuck somewhere unlikely just because you did not pay it attention for two seconds), but she doesn't try to scratch me and only half-heartedly grabs Captain by the ear with her teeth to drag him back to his siblings. (Additional detail for those who get a kitten with poorly eyes, one eye gets gummed up so I clean it gently with cotton wool dabbed in lukewarm water until it opens and I can squish the cream in.)

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After seeing the vet, we came home, had supper in the garden and then watched Brave. Piglet said, "Gah, I do not want to watch Brave." So I was v. sympathetic and said, "Of course. You can go to bed early instead." So we all watched Brave, and Piglet said in great surprise afterwards, "I really enjoyed that." like she always does .

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