Monday, 1 July 2013

Lucky the Dog

From Zazzle
My friend Ernie Winchester told me this story about his family's dog. (Ernie writes hilarious thoughtful stories, considering different aspects of erotica.) 

The dog, named Lucky because it was lucky we (my family and I) rescued it from a cardboard box alongside the highway that we passed several days in a row going to baseball practice, was starving, mangy and just generally scruffy looking. I told my then wife—my first of two—that we could keep it if it was a male. She assured me it was but alas, she was wrong. I was working a lot of overtime then and didn’t take a good look at the obvious end of the animal until a couple of weeks later and by then the kids, all five, wouldn’t let me get rid of it. A period of time later she had a litter of puppies under our house but the amazing end of this story is: the scoundrel responsible for the situation would come down the lane often to visit his pups. Which is more that some human males will do.

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