Friday, 12 July 2013

Life's a Beach

Late at night the Swiss Army wife innocently texts me: What are you up to tmrw? to which I reply Marking cleaning blah ??? xxx. She texts: Beach?. I start sniggering cuz I guess she means to dump the piglets in school and bunk off. 

Sadly next morning is overcast. I text: And a grey blanket of reality descended on the plan of the two naughty MILFs to skip off to sea lol. It takes me a while to send this text as my new smart phone is so effing clever it keeps writing MOLDs instead of MILFs . By the time I've sent the text, the sky's already looking better and after a bit of I dunno, I have ironing to do, we are off. 

We of course go to M&S first, cruise summer dresses (revolting, dahlink! go House of Fraser this year), and buy a sunhat and some mini macaroons. Then it's Ho! for the beach, where the tide is just starting to fall away from the pebbles revealing a hint of sand like the bit of leg between knicker and stocking. 

The Swiss Army wife has serendipitously found a newspaper article about part time working. I'm very interested in this, as I think part time work is the way to the betterment of the human race. However the journo writing the article gets it completely wrong! She berates women for not standing up and proclaiming loudly how efficient and wonderful part time workers are so that employers will make more part time jobs. Shut up! Gah, the whole point of part time working is not so you can be more bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and productive for your employer. It's so you can chill out and go to the beach on a hot sunny day when misguided full time workers are gasping in an office somewhere desperately trying to prove how efficient and productive they are. LOL, people will talk as if Making Money is the only way to live, rather than living being the only reason to go out and make money. (And don't give me that line about I have to do it for the wife and piglets, cuz if you did part time and the wife did part time you could probably cut it and have time to go to the beach, yah? unless your job is seriously under-remunerated in which case queue here for the revolution.) 

Unfortunately I have left my swimming costume at home. I suggest to the Swiss Army wife that I could just go in in my matching knicker and bra set but after a brief inspection she points out that they are see through even before they get wet <snerk>, so I give it a skip. When she goes: "ooh ah! it's bloody freezing!" I feel like I don't mind so much - especially since my swimming costume is deadly dull and I have my eye fixed on a new vintage one with a nice wasp waist. 

We MILFs always look out for the heart, so I collected these pix while wandering about meditatively munching on a mini macaroon. 

And here is a last one of the beach, just as it was when we floated back to collect our piglets from the schoolgate. I had to take Piglet to her final violin lesson before her Grade I exam on Monday. Later on she managed to trap her finger in the paddling pool pump (don't even ask ). Yah, of course it was her left hand which she needs to press the strings and so I am wondering if she will be able to do the effing exam at all. I was well glad of a more relaxed mood after half a day at the beach. 

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  1. Sounds like a truly lovely day! And great photos! Next time, take me! Take me! I lurve mini macaroons!