Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cuteness alert! Kitten pix

Just a little update on the catzzz to keep you going. 

Lakhi spends time lying outside the cupboard by the cooker within earshot but away from the hurly burly inside. 

Well, in fact they just sleep a lot still. Unless Lakhi gets in there, of course, when they start mewling and crawling all over her attempting to get on the teat in a thoroughly amateur fashion. The prospective Tiglath Pileser is particularly rubbish: he crawls under all the others, knocking them off their chosen teats. Then he literally goes over the top: climbing right over Lakhi in his frantic search. Although he's clearly doing well since he is the biggest kitten with paws which look like they are young tiger cub paws, I sometimes take pity and put him back on the spot. 

The little runty black kitten is much more savvy; she goes straight to the nourishment while her brothers are bumbling around. 

All of them bar the big black kitten have their eyes open. If his are still closed tomorrow, I will call the vet and see what they say. The Kitten Development website suggests he should be looking around by now. Not that I get obsessively angsty and keep checking the little blighters or anything .  

The other day I heard a terrific yowling in the garden and rushed outside to pitch into anything that had dared upset my poor defenceless little darling Lakhi. As my legs and even Piglet are frequently leapt upon by her in a sudden fit of savagery, I should have known better . I was just in time to see a smoky grey bruiser of a cat being chased off the premises and scarpering hurriedly into the lane, with Lakhi spitting after him: "And next time, don't forget the condom!" 

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  1. Phoenix Mum came round yesterday. She has much more experience with catzzz while this is my first litter, LOL. She looked at the black kitten's eyes for me and gave them a clean with some cotton wool and warm water and then his eyes opened up. (Lakhi was quite anxious and tried to seize the kitten's leg in her mouth, get it round the neck and carry it back but she must have known Phoenix Mum meant well cuz she didn't go for her legs.)
    Phoenix Mum said the kitty has an eye infection and when it still looked yucky today, I took Little Blighter to the vet. The vet has given us some ointment and wants to see Little Blighter again on Thursday. He also said the other kittens and Momma Cat look well; I should think so, they are all fat as butter on expensive cat food.
    Another £37! I hope the vet's wife gets some top dollar lingerie out of this, as I strike my next set off the shopping list, LOL.