Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Long Goodbye - Tobby Gets a Home

Great good news! The Tobby has got the best new home imaginable. 

I am on my way back from teaching when I get the following text message from the people who took in the little runty black kitten: 
We've just had a call from the vets to say you're trying to rehome the male tabby? Have you sorted something yet? If not I will try to persuade my husband Emoji. Pip has settled in beautifully, made herself at home from the start. She's gorgeous and full of character! 

I quickly reply: 
Great! It would be lovely if they can be together. He is a super kitten. Lots of fun. A definite man's cat Emoji

I send along a pic carefully selected to demonstrate to the max the tobby kitten's macho appeal and charm. 

The husband and son appear so quickly with pet carrier in hand that they probably ran all the way from their house, LOL. 

That's funny, I thought boots would stretch further up my legs. 

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