Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Long Goodbye - Hugo Victorious

And then there were two ... 

Regretfully, Swiss Army wife had to say No in the end to one of the tabby kittens - he is a little tom; I stuttered and called him a tobby kitten to the vet's, LOL. 

Phoenix Mum's sister had a friend looking for a kitten. I said she could have the tobby or the remaining black kitten, warning her most carefully that the black kitten did have that small problem with the eye (although it is looking lots better). Indeed I am so totally unlike that Evil Woman who lied about Lakhi's fertility that I offered to help out with the eye operation if it proved necessary. But Hugo, as his family are going to call him, has clearly fallen on his little kitten feet just like his sister. The family were uninterested in financial assistance and having already visited him while we were away, they decided to stand by him rather than take the tobby with the tiger cub paws. I was a bit sorry cuz Hugo (or Captain as I used to call him) had hilariously fuzzy hair and looked like a soot sprite out of a Studio Ghibli movie - he was impossible to photograph even with five pixies in your camera. 

From review of some of the Studio Ghibli movies.
Hugo's are another super family, with two children who asked very politely if they could take two kittens home but Mum said No, the Dad had specifically said: "Don't come back with two kittens." There are two other cats in the household already, one of whom is of a playful disposition so Hugo will hopefully not miss tussling the tobby with the tiger cub paws. 

(Don't worry about Tobby. The kind receptionists at the vet's already have someone in mind to take him in.) 

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