Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Long Goodbye to the Kittens Begins

'Kay yah, the time has come. The kittens are eight weeks old. After some early technical difficulties overcome by the infinite resource and sagacity of the MILF, they are fully weaned. (Greedy beggars, they are eating me out of house and home!) They can go to their new owners. 

Today little runty black kitten is being collected by her new family. They are an excellent breed, highly recommended by the vet's. They have cats already. There are two children well beyond tail-pulling age who are so keen to have their new kitten that the boy himself phoned to ask when they could come to collect her. I could hear the mum in the background saying: "Tell her we will come late morning," and he said: "How about ten o'clock?" LOL. He is in Piglet's cub scout troop so we will be able to have frequent reports on the kitten's wellbeing. 

Yah, yah, that is a bit of dust in my eye. I have been away in Über Stepford, 'member, and the house has got exceptionally dusty in my absence. Ah, sniff, little runty kitten, I used to have to put her on the teat cuz she wasn't feeding very well and she has made it through, sniff.  

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