Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Schrödinger's birthday (part I)

As it's been Schrödinger's birthday this week, I had better put up some pix of the kittens getting in and out of boxes. 

Dampy warning: major cuteness alert! Turn around the monitor and walk slowly away! Do not look back! You cannot have a kitten! 

When we returned from the caravan, the kittens had reached their fifth week and were very lively and funny. Phoenix Mum has kindly stood by them in our absence and done a much better job than I could've done since this is only my first litter (and last, grrr). 

Awww! Impossibly cute! 

And really fast moving, very hard to photograph! (Even with five pixies in your camera.) 

Oops, they are learning how to climb the sides of the kitten pen! Agh, agh!  

I greatly admire Lakhi's parenting style. I should try biting Piglet by the ear while kicking her in the back occasionally. 


Let me out! I will be good.

Who ate all the pies? 

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