Monday, 28 October 2013

Yo ho ho and a sail around Ebay

From BBC's webpage on 
the Day of the Dead
Ooh, it is very exciting! I have sold something on Ebay. Normally I have something I think would be good to sell and the time of year is coming up when it would sell well and then there is a school trip and I have to think of a special packed lunch for it, someone comes round for tea and there is something which needs a screw. (I said some THING! not some builder .) Then before I know it, the time has passed and I have not sold my thing on Ebay. But this time I have managed to get Piglet's pristine and barely used Halloween costume from last year sold at a good price, well in time to post off for the Day of the Dead. (No, I am really not into that sort of thing but if you ask nicely I will look around for a story to review on my other blog.) 

And now it's time for the pirate Lego .

Every Christmas the Baron used to buy an exceptionally expensive Lego set for Piglet. He would spend three days lovingly building it. Sometimes she was allowed to stand by him and pass him the pieces.I know you will be amazed to hear that Piglet had little enthusiasm for the two pirate ships (Black Pearl and Queen Anne's Revenge) and complete set of Hogwarts buildings which were built for her amusement. They languished on a shelf in her bedroom, occasionally pillaged (ho ho) for spare parts.

From the Lego Friends website
Then Lego brought out the Friends range. I totally recommend this to anyone with a girl child. It is fun and funky and has hardly any ballet dancing sort of sets, mostly being tree houses and stuff. Barons are not interested in it as it is full of pink bricks. Piglets can get on with it by themselves. (Occasionally I sit with Piglet and pass her the pieces for the sets she buys with her pocket money.)

Hands off, you scurvy dogs, 
those dragees are mine!
Meanwhile I have got a rearguard action on the go, rebuilding the Black Pearl. Maybe it's anal retentive but I want to put the whole thing together so I can be sure all the little bits are there. These sets are no longer in production so you can get quite a bit of money for them on Ebay. Mostly, though, I just hate the idea that this great fun construction set was built once and then scrapped. There is a lot of entertainment to be had out of used toys, y'know (wink).

I'm currently stranded because I need three 1x1 black bricks. You would think these were so common that they dropped their 'h's when they spoke! but I can't find them anywhere. I'm moving on to the staircases while I wait hopefully for the 1x1 bricks to turn up.

(Nobody need say anything about whether or not I am anal . You can read my story about the General if you like that sort of thing .)

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  1. Ah, Legos. Childhood memories are coming back to me.