Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Playful Pussies

Dreadfully serious cuteness alert. Here be a video. 

Lakhi recently treated us to a plague of frogs in her efforts to train Eowyn into a Ninja killer kitten. (Faster, pussy-cat! Kill! Kill!) She brought them in from the neighbour's pond: little ones at first, then great big fat ones and once, when Piglet had a fellow synchronised swimming piglet round to tea, she made a special effort and brought a horrid stiff dead one in. (OK, OK, here is £10 for the poor traumatised child's therapy fund, there.) 

The cats enjoy pouncing on each other and scramming each other with their claws. I'm glad we have a kitten now, as Lakhi used to do this to poor Piglet. Now we all realise that she was just driven by the natural maternal urge to teach Piglet how to defend herself. (The ungrateful Piglet prefers her karate lessons.) 

The cats love to have their tummies tickled. You can pick them up and hold them snugged in one arm like a baby and stroke their tummies and they purr like anything. 

The toy of theirs I would recommend most highly is the scratching post. This has probably saved all our armchairs and the sofa from being torn to shreds. Ours has a ball hanging off it on a string - hours of amusement can be got from suddenly giving a ball savage scratches with sharp claws! 

They have a bouncy fluffy thing on an elastic string which we can dangle in front of their noses and suddenly whisk away. 

Eowyn has a quick clean
before venturing out. But ...
who's that lurking in the
horseradish leaves ....

Their top choice of  kitten toy is a bag of catnip mice. These cost about £2.50 for four, and are sometimes so realistic that they can elicit a good scream when trodden on in the kitchen during that half-dark early-in-the-morning period.  

I have started letting Eowyn go out in the garden if it's a nice day and I am around. She's very cautious and will rush back in the house if I make any movement to go back in myself, worried in case she gets locked out away from her litter tray with only a vast selection of flowerbeds to poo in . Lakhi keeps a close eye on her whenever she is out. 

There are cats in this pic somewhere.

Eowyn found something-else to amuse her while Lakhi was out frog-hunting: 

Such a domestic cat, LOL. 

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