Monday, 14 October 2013


There are two walnut trees by the library and I found this year’s first walnut on the path there the other day. I love to go and pick them up, they are not dry like the walnuts you get in shops but crunchy. And they’re free! I ate the walnut with banana, figs and yoghurt and a drizzling of honey. 

There will be lots of free food (*rubs l'il hands!*) – I’ve bought a pocket-sized book on foraging so I can feed us for nothing. I do like things that fit snugly in my pocket (wink). 

There seem to be fewer walnuts than usual this year. It could be that the squirrels are getting there first - although there aren't a scattering of empty shells to substantiate this theory. 

It could be that the nuts are not as numerous. It's true that some of them seem very small. Here are two sweet little nuts for sucking on. 

Or it could be that some other MILF has realised that there is a fab source of free foodstuffs on her doorstep and is nipping up there bright and early to clear the grass and the leafy verges. The beastly woman must be really keen as even when I go out in rainstorms - raindrops falling on my head, LOL, and my li'l nose snuffling and my whiskers twitching hopefully, this greedy animal pops out ahead of me and fills her apron pockets. I hate her, LOL.

From the V&A
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