Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Chip pan fire!

Unfortunately it was all over
too quickly for me to take
piccies so I have made do
with this one from
Cheshire Fire and Rescue.
Ooh, the chip pan caught fire today! It was very exciting. In spite of my outlaw mom's fears, this is the first chip pan fire I've had; I feel almost like a real housewife now! 

Only the side of the pan caught fire. The chips were fine. I was cooking chips and sausages for the cub scouts.  As it was a lovely sunny day they were playing in the garden so sadly missed all the fun.  

Back in the days when I did 'proper' work (:rolleyes:), I was obliged to do a fire training course. I got right what to do in an office fire, but boobed badly on domestic fires, LOL. So now I know that you should throw a damp teatowel over a flaming chip pan. Luckily before I had to make the terrible choice as to which lovely little teatowel to sacrifice (bit like Paris selecting which goddess to give the apple to), I blew on the pan quickly and the flames went out.  

How I imagine the cubs around Akela
I was disappointed not to have to call out the hunky fire officers. It would have given the cub scouts excellent boasting rights as they sat around Akela holding their marshmallows over the campfire and making snuffly whiny noises. And it would have been much better than the previous fire alarm I was involved in, when one of the fire officers winked at me but because it happened at a feminist conference, I couldn't boast about it, LOL.  

If you would like to know how to cook proper chips (safely), here is my blogpost on the ethnography of the potato, from my mommy mom blog Anthropological Mum.  

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